Thursday, 27 September 2012

Thank You Everyone

We had a great season!

A big thanks to ALL the vendors!

Mary and her baking
Terry and Judi and their Woodcrafts, Veggies and baking
Wayne and his Watkins
John and his Books
Margrete and her sewing and knitting
Leanne and her spices and mixes
The Community Garden!!

And our customers!!!!!


Dave and Barb (Beary Good Stuff)

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Coming this week!

September 2 was a beautiful day, but a tad breezy! When setting up your tent, we recommend you bring weights!
We had a steady flow of visitors buying veggies, bread and tarts from Terry and Judy
Preserves and Pickles from Dave and Barb (Beary Good Stuff)
Watkins from Wayne
Garlic from Irene and
Fabrics and Knitting from Margrete
This coming weekend:
Wayne will be found at the Grand Forks Fall Fair
We do have 2 new vendors coming!
Mary will be selling Cookies, Squares, Butterhorns and Pies
The Community Garden will be coming with their Veggies!

Also coming up
The Greenwood Elementary School will be having a Vendor Fair at the Greenwood Elementary School, Saturday September 29th inside the gym.
For more information, contact Leanne 250-449-1043
Tables are by donation or a percentage of your sales!

Wednesday, 29 August 2012

We are Looking Forward to the Long Weekend!

Wow! The market is growing! This last week we added Margrete Webber Sewing and Knitting and Terry Lyon with his incredible woodwork!
Terry also brought some beets, onions, califlower and flowers from his garden, proceeds going to the Boundary Food Share. He is planning on bringing some of his bread this week!

Although we had less visitors than the previous week, the weather was not as hot and the visitors we had enjoyed themselves immensely!

This coming weekend we are also hoping to have Breakfast Burrittos! As always, coffe is $1.00!
We look forward to having you visit!

Monday, 20 August 2012

August 19th was Fabulous!

We all had a fabulous Day at the Market yesterday and we anticipate an even better one next week! Currently we have 6 vendors and anticipate more!
We are particularly looking for people with vegetables, fruit and baking. For those with extra produce from their own garden, we have an tent and table set up! 
If you don't want to spend the day, drop of your bagged, washed and priced bounty with your name and telephone number and we will sell it for you!
Call Dave or Barb at 250-449-896 for more details or if you too would like to be a vendor at the Midway Community Market! 
We would love to have you there!

Monday, 13 August 2012

Our First Market!

Our first market was Sunday August 12 and we had a great one!
All of our vendors had a great day and a great time!
There was John Coburn and his books
Wayne Sargent and Watkins
Irene the Garlic Ranch
Beary Good Stuff
Pat Kelly stopped by and had a chat - look for us in the Boundary Creek Times!
We are hoping the guys from the Museum will be dishing up hot dogs next Sunday.
New Vendors are always welcome! You can email us!
Or Call Dave or Barb at 250-449-2896

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

10 Qualities of Sucessful Markets

  1. Right vendor
  2. Right location
  3. Right mix
  4. Right mission
  5. Right public spaces
  6. Right connections
  7. Right economics
  8. Right promotion
  9. Right value
  10. Right management

1.  Right Vendor

  • Quality (second most popular reason why people like markets after the experience)
  • Appearance (easy to approach)
  • Cleanliness
  • Merchandising (presentation of product must be informative and distinctive)
  • Innovation (keeps customers coming back)
  • Competitive (customers must continually be won back by beating the competition with a superior choice)
  • Local (customers feel connected when they see ‘their own’)
  • 3 Second Rule (three seconds are all you get to hook a new customer)
  • Attractiveness (best achieved through displays that are simple, abundant and artistic)
  • Service (good service makes people happy)

2. Right Location

  •  Visible
  • Accessible
  • Memorable
  • Flow (easy to navigate and orient youself)
  • Parking (requires management to ensure regular turnover)
  • Adjacencies (restaurants, retail, housing, transit, office workers in the neighborhood)
  • Confluence (places where people naturally come together)
  • Neutral (market should welcome everyone and not be any one group’s ‘turf’)
  • Scale (size should feel ‘right’ and be appropriate for the place)
  • Spin Off Opportunities (market activity should offer valuable source of customers for neighboring businesses)

3. Right Mix

  • Internal Competition (builds quality, variety and keeps prices reasonable)
  • Owner Operated (customers like dealing with the boss)
  • Choice (people love to comparison shop)
  • Different Price and Quality Levels (serves multiple tastes and income levels)
  • Right Vendors (vendors who love markets as a way of life)
  • Innovate (keep the customer engaged)
  • Local (consumer demand for local products is booming)
  • Balance (classic merchandise but always a bit of the new)
  • Clarity (stall by stall specialization works best)
  • Turnover (eliminate things that don’t work)

4. Right Mission

  • Intent (set clear goals)
  • Create New Opportunities (provide entrepreneurs low-cost entry into retailing)
  • Self Sustaining (operational self sufficiency is crucial)
  • Nurturing Vendors (support for farmers, immigrants, fledgling entrepreneurs)
  • Socialization
  • Community Health (healthy food at low prices)
  • Local Culture (the town square for a community)
  • Create a New Frontier/Paradigm (self-determination for local economies)
  • Make People Happy

5. Right Public Space

  • Sense of entry (the market as oasis)
  • Seating (an opportunity for rest, chit-chat, snacking)
  • Maintenance (key to ongoing public enjoyment)
  • Shade (provide comfort in all seasons)
  • Things to Look at (other people, retail activity)
  • Art (aesthetic connection to a place)
  • Formal and Informal Qualities (do not over program or over design)
  • Welcoming (make sure everyone feels at ease)
  • Flexibility (able to sustain many activities)

6. Right Connection

  • Reflect Community (a symbol of community identity)
  • Partners (involve other organizations whose mission overlaps with the market)
  • Public Transportation (easy to get to)
  • Bring Neighborhoods Together (linking different communities)
  • Bike Trails/Greenways (we’ll be seeing more and more of this)
  • Retail (mutual benefit with nearby stores)
  • Housing (a built-in customer base)
  • Local Economy (use the market as a hub for local revitalization)
  • Sense of ‘Giveback’ (demonstrate how market strengthens local connections)
  • Cross-Cultural (great venue for sharing foods, ideas and stories)

 7. Right Economics

  • Sustainable Foundation (be realistic about financial underpinnings)
  • Fundraising (try to ‘bury’ your capital costs and open debt free)
  • Fair Rents (create a new level of ‘affordable’ business opportunity)
  • Community Health (this helps justify public investment)
  • Spin Off (markets are natural incubators for small businesses)
  • Job Creation
  • Encourage Investments (markets boost value of surrounding real estate)
  • Keeps $ Local (stems the flow of local dollars to out-of-town corporations)
  • Hand to Hand economy (endangered in a cashless society)
  • Transparent/Non-exploitative (accountability in all operations)

8. Right Promotion

  • Stretch the Dollar (don’t overspend on expensive advertising)
  • Events/Demos (customers love them)
  • Public Relations (better than advertising)
  • Press Releases (stamps are cheap)
  • Market Image (keep it clear, compelling and consistent)
  • Partners (great venue for other groups with overlapping missions)
  • Passive Education (agriculture, health and community)
  • Builds Local Value
  • Community Connections (provides a forum for interaction)
  • Sponsorships/Fundraisers (encourage funders and civic leaders to get behind the market)

9. Right Value

  • Quality products
  • Quality experience
  • Boosts Local Economy
  • Creates Local Jobs
  • Social Capital (shared experiences build community)
  • Affirm a Sense of Place
  • Dividend (help save a farm when you buy that tomato)
  • Psychic Well-being (a fun way to feel good)
  • Local Food Systems
  • Sense of Local Ownership (it’s our market)

10. Right Management

  • Fair
  • Flexible
  • Firm
  • Open minded
  • Looking Ahead (the art of planning)
  • Promotion-Minded (promote the market at every opportunity)
  • Outreach (a diverse market is a strong market)
  • Capitalize on Niche Opportunities
  • Good Relations (with vendors and customers)
  • Effective Behind the Scenes (whatever it takes to get the job done)
  • Front of the House (market managers are hosts as well, both for vendors and customers)